Shatter Me Fancast | Dane DeHaan as Aaron Warner

“So she told me a story. A story about a boy who was born with very green eyes, and the man who was so captivated by their color that he searched the world for a stone in exactly the same shade.” His voice is fading now, falling into whispers so quiet I can hardly hear him. “She said the boy was me. That this ring was made from that very same stone, and that the man had given it to her, hoping one day she’d be able to give it to me. It was his gift, she said, for my birthday.” He stops. Breathes. “And then she took it off, slipped it on my index finger, and said, ‘If you hide your heart, he will never be able to take it from you.’

Shatter Me Fancast | Miura Haruma as Kenji Kishimoto

“I’m here for you kid. That’s what friends are for.” 

Yato & Hiyori - Chapter 41

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P.S. I couldn’t find the original source of the background picture. I just Googled “steampunk city”. Then I did image search but maybe I just was way too distracted. Anyway. If you know the source please let me know.

Noragami | Chapter 40

Rose Generals of Final Fantasy

"Holding Eleanor’s hand was like holding a butterfly. Or a heartbeat. Like holding something complete, and completely alive."

Ib Second Anniversary Prompt Week - Day 1

Recreation of a favourite Guertena painting.

This is not my favourite but I really wanted to do this one. I don’t actually know which one is my favourite… Anyway.

"In two worlds," said Alan quietly, "there is nothing I love half as much as you."

"Sometimes," Nick said, still looking at the floor, his voice rough and shocking in the silence. "Sometimes I want to be human for you."

Today I went to Alaçatı. It was such a pretty place. And now I have a lifetime aspiration which is to buy a house here. I will save every penny to live here.