Art history doodles. We’re all just sitting through people’s presentations now, so there’s no need to actually pay attention or take notes. :P

Though I couldn’t exactly whip out my phone, so this is who I managed to get from memory. Balthier is probably off because I haven’t drawn that fucker nearly enough. Edea was done in like two minutes because the presentation before mine was winding down and I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish D: < I’ll try again next week, probably!

Phoenix!Locke at the top there, for shits and giggles. The first one creeps me the fuck out (which is kind of the point so yay?). The last one is just Locke being Locke.

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Merchant! Locke~! 

Forgive me for using amano’s work so heavily for reference. And then doing my own freaking thing with it. That said, someone get that man some more scarves so his pants stay up. or totally don’t and steal them, that’s fine too.


Locke, Gau, Sabin & Cyan

By ボブユキ


make a little birdhouse in your soul

Cleaning out my folders and reminding myself to post things.  Before I go back to posting too much anime, some old old old Final Fantasy doodles I’ve finally admitted to myself that I’m not going to finish.


Locke & Celes

By ゆり


Locke & Celes

By くのん


Runic Blade

By 妹ひとり


Locke & Rachel

By 海由