happy birthday Terra! proper version will be finished later oh gosh ; ;


Final Fantasy 6, let me count the ways I love you…. (except the inability to figure out your exact designs from the Amano artwork.  CURSES)


Setzer (FFVI) sipisuri


"It’s not easy asking so much of you…And if we force our ideas on you, we’re no different than the Empire. So…we want you to decide for yourself. "

Someone stop me before I just draw otps instead of studying

Oh dear, you wanna fight me?! This is just… dreadful!

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Not quiiite finished, but I’ve been having some serious love for old school games.  Terra and Celes are the most awesome ladies ever.  (And I adore Edgar. CHAINSAW!)


A few of the sketches I’ve done on the last few weeks. I realise it’s been a little while since I posted on this blog, and I’m sorry, but I just started work on an animation project (working on a commercial for a private company) and I’ve been caught up n preproduction and team meetings.

I’m going try and keep something posted at least once a week though, that’s a collection of my favourite sketches from my sketch book. 


Tadaaaa, second part of the #FFVI fresco (third part won’t be there till next year ;) ). Share the hell out of it if you want the last one!

Poster available here till the 10th of November!!

First Fresco available here till the 10th of November!
(Tumblr post for the first one)


Expanding my little Kefka shrine…this one took me forever to make and therefore it must be shared with the world…again. Haha…ha….hmph.